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Indian Marble Royal Ruby Royal White Marmo Pvt. Limited is one of oldest, largest and most reputed marble manufacturer, exporters and Supplier Company in India. Our marble company is one of the affluent places of a large variety of exotic natural stones and marbles. We provide rough and finished marble and other beautiful decorative stone products to the world.

Royal White Marmo Pvt. Ltd. offer White Marble and Indian Marble. We have different collections of Indian Marble such as Royal Classico Figrative, Royal Riviera, Royal Emrald, Royal Amber, Royal Santorini, Royal Fantasy white, Royal Phoenix, Royal Portoro, Royal Vanilla, Royal Blaze Emrald, Oneyx Lady Pink, Royal Romea, Royal Paradiso, Royal Fancy brown figrative, Royal Fancy brown, Royal Costoso, Royal Costoso Bianca, Royal Smnow, Royal Rosatta and many more.

We are manufacturing wide range of designs in highest quality products. We are biggest manufacturer of Royal Ruby Indian Marble Tiles, Slabs, and Blocks, cobbles and Pebbles, Kitchen top, Vanity top. We also produce Steps and Risers, Wash Basins and other interior products in ruby Indian marble. Ruby Marble has many applications like flooring, Countertops, wall tiles etc. The features of Ruby Marble are available in various sizes, thickness and finishes at a very competitive prices and timely delivery.

Our company acquires raw materials from all over world and uses some from our own quarry. We are providing customized products to the customers. We are now exporting our manufactured products to the whole world. Our vision is to provide best quality products at reasonable prices and we focus on satisfying the needs of the customers.

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